Journal of the Society for Application of Statistics in Agriculture and Allied Sciences (SASAA)

Publication Ethics of the Journal

All possible steps and measures are taken to uphold the highest standard of publication ethics and to reduce malpractices during publication is the prime importance of RASHI, the  Journal of SASAA. Authors are to submit and declare that the submitted article is arising out of their original research work and is free from any type of copying or plagiarism. The authors are to declare that they have appropriately acknowledged, credited and referred work(s) or words of others or sources (including financial/intellectual etc.).
The authors are to disclose of actual or potential conflict of interest. RASHI always insists on minimization and disclosure of any conflict of interest among the authors, reviewers, editors. The Journal is committed to fair and blind peer review of the submissions. Shortcomings, in any form of the above should be brought to the notice of the Editor for immediate redressal of the problem, if any, and the Editorial Board is committed to this mission. Papers related to investigation in Animal Sciences should be in compliance with the Animal Ethics of the Institution where the actual work has been carried out and a statement by the authors in this regard is necessary. The RASHI is strongly against unethical animal investigation/experimentations.
All submissions are processed with appropriate respect to the confidentiality of the work, authors and the reviewers. Disclosures of any information about manuscripts in any form other than the authors, reviewers (partly) and the Chief Editor is strictly prohibited. All submissions are privileged communications; comments, findings, data used, work referred are the responsibility of the authors. In no way the SASAA will be responsible for the comments, finding and other content of the published articles. Reviewers are free to judge independently about the suitability of the submission for publication and requested to refrain from making copies of the manuscript, sharing with others, except with the permission of the Editor. On completion of the review process the reviewers should either return or destroy copies of manuscripts