RASHI:Journal of the Society for Application of Statatics in Agriculture and Allied Sciences (SASAA)

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2 Calibration Estimators under Two Stage Sampling Design when Population Level Auxiliary Information was not available Click here Articles
3 Privacy protection in estimating sensitive population proportion by hypergeometric randomized response model Click here Articles
4 Farmer`s Income and its Influencing Factor using Standardized Regression Coefficients Click here Articles
5 On a Procedure of Estimation of Data−Dispersion Matrix under Complex Spatial Structure Prevalent in Field Experiments Click here Articles
6 Food and nutritional status of Chakhesang and Pochury tribes of Phek district of Nagaland Click here Articles
7 Allometric models for predicting above ground biomass of dominant shrub and tree species grown in semi−arid Bundelkhand region of India Click here Articles
8 A statistical study on pineapple in north−eastern states of India for sustainable policy development Click here Articles