RASHI:Journal of the Society for Application of Statatics in Agriculture and Allied Sciences (SASAA)

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1 Construction of Latin Hypercube Designs with Two Factors Click here Articles
2 Web ECGR: Web Solution for Estimation of Compound Growth Rates using Parametric and Nonparametric Methodologies Click here Articles
3 Doubly Balanced Ternary Designs and their Balanced Arrays with Applications to Intercropping Experiments Click here Articles
4 Application of Fuzzy Regression methodology for modeling of light penetration within wheat canopy Click here Articles
5 Usefulness of Growth Curve Parameters in early selection of pigs Click here Articles
6 Price Transmission and Causality in major onion markets of India Click here Articles
7 Construction of optimal Two- Level Supersaturated Designs Click here Articles
8 On Robust alternatives to X and S control charts: A minimum distance approach Click here Articles
9 Robustness of BIB Designs for Multi-Response Experiments Against The Loss of Observations Click here Articles
10 Genetic variability, heritability and expected genetic advance for yield and yield components in forage sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] Click here Articles
11 Goodness-of-fit Tests for the Kappa Statistic Click here Articles
12 A visit to a few research problems Click here Articles